Here are links to some of our initiatives and work mentioned in the TBC Update video:

Federal Aquaculture Act Submission: The Aquaculture Act is a new piece of proposed legislation governing the growing aquaculture sector. Our submission highlighted the need to mandate approval by those most affected by new aquaculture proposals; namely, local residents.

The Blue Economy Strategy Submission: This was a federal consultation about how to re-build our ocean based economy, post-COVID.  Our submission covered many topics including social license, the preservation and protection of our marine ecosystems and necessary improvements to regulations.

Rattling Beach ARB Submission: Having been denied intervenor status, TBC/HBN provided written input to the ARB Hearing to decide on the proposed expansion at the Rattling Beach open net pen finfish site near Digby. 

The provincial Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture wanted to significantly increase the size and powers of the three person Aquaculture Review Board through Bill 24 - An Act to Amend the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act.  Several submissions were made to the Law Amendments Committee.  Go to the link and scroll down to the 25 October 2021 table and look for Bill 24.