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     On this page, you find a chronological list of what we have been doing over the past while. 

September 2022 to June 2024


The Bayswater open net pens were emptied in Spring of 2023 and the site was empty until early July 2024. The effect of the site on the sand that moves on and off the beach lingers.

Two years later and we still await the results of the Regulatory Review.  Over 1000 individuals and organizations made the effort of providing input to the Government. For the most part, they were not endorsements of the existing Regs.

Twin Bays Coalition has regularly send letters to politicians on many issues of concern to Bayswater Beach Provincial Park. We're working on a summary of those efforts for you.

27 June 2024 - Media Conference at the Wooden Monkey in Dartmouth.  Excellent panelists and great coverage.  A big thank you to all!  Here are some links:

Here is some coverage associated with this event:

Maritime Noon link

CBC Nova Scotia News – Go to the 11:50 mark on the 27 June broadcast.

May to August 2022


Twin Bays participated as a stakeholder in the Provincial aquaculture regulatory review process.  We did so via a verbal interview in June and followed up with two written submissions.  Public submissions were invited through an on-line survey.  Twin Bays drafted a three page survey response document and circulated it with the request to have maximum participation.


Salmon Wars – the book, was released and events were planned to launch the book and raise awareness of significant expansion plans for open net pens in Nova Scotia waters.  We hope to meet you at one of these events!

March to April 2022



Several Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requests have been made for information on the economic impact of open net pens and correspondence between the operator and the Government about expanding the Saddle Island site. The economic data provided was nothing more than promotional material for industry and we are still deciding on the $500.00 bill to do the correspondence search about the expansion.



Twin Bays worked with Coastal Action to support a study on Bayswater Beach being funded by the Municipality of the District of Chester.  Results confirm that the pond is not causing the changes on the beach.



The boundary infraction complaint Twin Bays filed with Government was suspended until the results of the Aquaculture Review Board hearing on the “proposed” expansion at the Saddle Island site (which has already taken place).  They declined to press charges against the operator despite acknowledging that two open net pens are outside of the lease boundary and have produced about 270,000 salmon over two growth cycles.

January to February 2022


We sent a letter to the Minister of the NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and local MLAs asking for changes to the Aquaculture Review Board.  Changes were for funding for intervenors, admissibility of evidence on boundary infractions, local impacts and other matters which should concern the Board.


We met with our MP, Rick Perkins, MLA Danielle Barkhouse and NS Minister for Economic Development the Honourable Susan Corkum-Greek and had productive discussions about the aims of the Twin Bays Coalition and the Healthy Bays Network.


A Letter of Concern was sent to Federal authorities under the Canadian Navigable Waters Act in response to an application by the Saddle Island site for an approval to expand (which has already taken place).  No response has been received by Twin Bays.

A request was made to the Minister for an update on our letter from September 2021 where we outlined concerns about the Provincial Study that attributed the conditions at Bayswater Beach to the pond.  The matter was referred to the Science Advisory Committee, but our September letter was not forwarded to the Committee.  In essence, our concerns have been completely ignored.


Twin Bays participated in a highly successful, on-line forum hosted by the Ecology Action Centre regarding the conduct of the Aquaculture Review Board.

17 January 2022

We have been running a social media campaign to generate awareness and opposition to the planned expansion of site 1006, an open net pen finfish site near Bayswater Beach.  Here are the posts that we have made so far:

1. Effects on Bayswater Beach Provincial Park:

This is the first of a series of posts to generate opposition to an open net pen finfish aquaculture site near Bayswater Beach Provincial Park located on the Aspotogan Peninsula between Mahone Bay and St. Margaret’s Bay.

The site has been expanded outside of approved lease boundaries without the formal review and approval of the Aquaculture Review Board (ARB).

The ARB is an independent decision-making body appointed and funded by Government. They hear applications for new aquaculture sites and expansion of finfish sites such as the one near Bayswater Beach. Public input is encouraged at these Hearings. Hearing dates for this site have not yet been announced.

Please watch our video that shows the effects that we believe have been caused by this unapproved expansion and check out our website at for more details.

2. Twin Bays Coalition Update - What have we been up to???:

This is the second in a series of posts to generate opposition to an open net pen finfish aquaculture site near Bayswater Beach Provincial Park located on the Aspotogan Peninsula between Mahone Bay and St. Margaret’s Bay.

It’s been two years since a large group of concerned citizens gathered at the Mahone Bay Centre to learn more about the impacts of open net pen finfish farming. Much has been accomplished since then.

Here is a short video that describes our Twin Bays Coalition (TBC) activities and other work. It may take a few seconds to load. Please visit our website at for full details and share our posts with your friends. Thanks, from TBC!

3. The Aquaculture Review Board - Review the Review Board:

This is the third of a series of posts to generate opposition to an open net pen finfish aquaculture site near Bayswater Beach Provincial Park located on the Aspotogan Peninsula between Mahone Bay and St. Margaret’s Bay.

Minister Craig has initiated a review of our aquaculture legislation and regulations. Regrettably, he indicates that legislation and regulations establishing the Aquaculture Review Board (ARB) will not be reviewed.

After only one finfish ARB Hearing, there is ample evidence that this tribunal is fatally flawed.

Please watch our latest video describing why the ARB and the open net pen finfish approval process needs to be included in the Nova Scotia aquaculture review and visit our website at Stay tuned for some simple suggestions to correct these problems.

Here is a copy of the script for this video:

There is also a great summary of public participation in these ARB Hearings at:

For full details on the ARB, they have a web page at:

Federal Aquaculture Act Submission: The Aquaculture Act is a new piece of proposed legislation governing the growing aquaculture sector. Our submission highlighted the need to mandate approval by those most affected by new aquaculture proposals; namely, local residents.

5 January 2022


     Here are links to some of our initiatives and work mentioned in the TBC Update video:

The Blue Economy Strategy Submission: This was a federal consultation about how to re-build our ocean based economy, post-COVID.  Our submission covered many topics including social license, the preservation and protection of our marine ecosystems and necessary improvements to regulations.

Rattling Beach ARB Submission: Having been denied intervenor status, TBC/HBN provided written input to the ARB Hearing to decide on the proposed expansion at the Rattling Beach open net pen finfish site near Digby. 

The provincial Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture wanted to significantly increase the size and powers of the three person Aquaculture Review Board through Bill 24 - An Act to Amend the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act.  Several submissions were made to the Law Amendments Committee.  Go to the link and scroll down to the 25 October 2021 table and look for Bill 24.

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